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Swan Tool Company - USA is the woodworking/engineering division of MS Limited, a design & marketing studio in Los Angeles, CA. We started our business in 1972, producing custom furniture & unique display fixtures for the fashion industry.

This portfolio of woodworking tools was designed originally for our personal use in the shop. They include a range of marking knives, screw clamps, hammers, screwdrivers, a panel gauge, marking gauge, bow saw, custom work benches and toolboxes, in addition to other accessories.

Our unique approach, when designing, centers on our "hands on" use of the tool. Functionality, elegance, and craftsmanship are the values we honor through the woodworking process and production of our tools. The built-in durability of Swan Tool Company USA products ensures that they will remain in service for many generations. Long term "classic collector value" is a key element in your purchase value consideration. Our tools will meet or exceed your expectations.

We welcome the challenge of "build to suit" items that meet the special requirements of our customers. We also enjoy input from you regarding our products. Suggestions for improvements or new products are always encouraged. 

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